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Video editing is a very difficult craft which requires a sound knowledge of computer, creativity, patience, a lot of intelligence and of course practice. Therefore, we train our students how to master their art of slicing from the day one itself, so that they practice as much as they can before they finally get into the industry. We have professional workstations of Apple computers which run on Mac operating system and stories are edited on the world’s leading editing software.


The media lab includes video equipments, i.e. video players, tri- standard, DVD Players. Apart from video equipments we have the necessary audio as well as multimedia equipments. Computers in the media lab are set up to accommodate CD- ROM programs. IIMMI has equipped with the modern, state-of-art Technological Facilities so as to offered its students the finest possible practical training in various branch of communication. These are:- In order to expand practical knowledge of our students, it arranges Sound editing machine, Mixer, DVD recorders and writers, Headphone, Microphones, and much more.


Gaining access to resources is one significant advantage of attending IIMMI. Such resources may include a Computer Lab- a critical resource that nearly everyone in the student body may utilize at some point during institute. In this age of Information, Communication and Technology one needs to be wired to the computer and do different tasks like searching information on the Internet. The computer lab is open for all the students throughout the day and students normally do their assignments and other stuff whenever they have free time.


We provide extensive global exposure through a dedicated technology based on broad band Internet Connection, which is available throughout the day which helps students to access latest information on current developments at a global level.


We encourage the students to be well active in the sports apart from their career. Keeping in view the overall personality of the student, we organize various indoor as well as outdoor sports competitions.


A classroom is a place in which teaching or learning activities takes place. In order to make the processes of teaching and learning conducive, or classrooms have magnetic white boards and comfortable cushioned- study chairs and projectors.

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